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Stephen E Slevinski Jr slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Mon Apr 27 16:40:35 UTC 2015

On 4/27/15 10:44 AM, Alex Malmann Becker wrote:
> But I have a question how do I save the translation, then get better at programming time, to
> recognize the signal.
> I'm also in doubt simply means BSW, CSW, KSW and FSW.
Hi Alex Malmann Becker,

The standard format for saving SignWriting text is with FSW which stands 
for "Formal SignWriting".

You can read more about Formal SignWriting in the Internet Draft 

For programming with FSW, the best library available is in JavaScript, 
called the SignWriting 2010 JavaScript library.  This library uses the 
new TrueType fonts for SignWriting.

The SignWriting 2010 JavaScript library is the main component of the new 

There is also a programming library available in PHP, but this is an 
older implementation.  The project is called the SignWriting Icon 
Server.  It contains a lot of compatibility code and is based on the 
filesystem/database fonts, rather than the TrueType fonts.

BSW, CSW, and KSW are all earlier data formats.  They are historically 
interesting, but should not be used for new project.

BSW stands for "Binary SignWriting".  This was the first character 
format that I attempted for SignWriting.  There have been several 
iterations of this format.  The latest iteration uses 12-bit characters.

CSW stands for "Character SignWriting".  This is a Unicode format of the 
BSW data on Plane 15.  This format is interesting because Eduardo 
Trápani created an experimental TrueType font that uses CSW to compose 
the 2-dimensional signs entirely within the Graphite font rendering system.

KSW stands for "Kartesian SignWriting".  KSW is an irregular format that 
uses an unrestricted coordinate set.  The irregular nature of KSW caused 
problem with searching based on regular expressions.  The problems of 
searching KSW resulted in the creation of Formal SignWriting.




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