[Sw-l] Signwriting in mobile user interface

Eduardo Trápani etrapani at GMAIL.COM
Mon Aug 24 03:41:15 UTC 2015


I hope a video sheds some light on my idea about signwriting in  phones.

FirefoxOS is an operating system for mobile devices that has been
translated into many, many languages. And I would like to have it in
LSU, Libras, ASL, ...

What I did was add the languages (just ASL and Libras to the ones I
already had) and translate the texts using FSW instead of sentences in
other language. That and a slightly modified version of Signwriting Thin
Viewer (it's awesome work Steve!) did the trick.


About the video: first you'll see the lock screen, notice that the day
and month are in ASL. Then, moving on to the home screen you will notice
that Phone, Contacts and Messages have their names in ASL. From there I
go to Settings. You can see the texts for "Settings" (the title, a bit
cropped) and then "Networks and connectivity", "Airplane mode" and

Moving down you can see the name of the language and then the translated
date and time. I could have changed the language to Esperanto, or
English or Libras, and the translated texts would have appeared in that
language right away (the fallback language for untranslated text is

The translation took a couple of minutes, just copy paste from
signpuddle. One good thing is that nobody would have to go for the whole
translation at once, one can always use an appropiate fallback language
or have more languages in the phone. So it will always be usable.

Making SW work involved some technical knowledge, but it seems that the
next version of FirefoxOS will come with language packs, as soon as
November. Than, and a plugin should make the whole thing a breeze in the
near future.

There will be some issues along the way, for sure, but it can be done!

Friendly, Eduardo.



Valerie Sutton
SignWriting List moderator
sutton at signwriting.org

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