[Sw-l] Signwriting in mobile user interface

Eduardo Trápani etrapani at GMAIL.COM
Mon Aug 24 15:53:52 UTC 2015

> This is not a special program for dictionaries or specialized uses like SignPuddle or SignMaker, but instead this is bringing written sign languages into the actual settings of a smartphone -
> Am I correct, Eduardo? This is translating the settings, like the time, date, and so forth, into a written sign language...

Yes, that's it! All thanks to SW.

> What are the ramifications of this? Does this mean that the entire smartphone interface could be written in sign languages?

Yes! If somebody had the FSW for signs for all texts, that could be done
in no time.

Right now, if somebody wants to do it, one could for example use
Brazilian Portuguese as the basis and start translating to Libras on top
of it. Or English/ASL (as in the video), Spanish/LSU, ...

> And what about texting?

Because of the way it's integrated, right now anything with FSW could be
rendered in (FirefoxOS) applications, so that would also work for
texting (we'd have to adapt the keyboard first).

Since FirefoxOS is open source and built on Web technologies, whatever
we can do on the web, we could (try to ;)) do on the devices powered by it.




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