[Sw-l] SignWriting Server v1.1, now with SignPuddle Online data

Stephen E Slevinski Jr slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Thu Nov 26 16:10:46 UTC 2015

Hi Yair Rand,

On 11/26/15 5:15 AM, Yair Rand wrote:
> Looks great. A few questions, though:
> * In the guide, in the "puddle" section, one of the parameters is 
> "puddle", described as the "name of the puddle collection". What is a 
> puddle collection? Is there one collection for each language? The 
> example given is "sgn4", which doesn't seem to be an ISO code or 
> anything like that.

A puddle is just a collection of entries grouped together.  There are 
dictionaries, writings, Bible translations, research projects...  The 
"sgn4" is based on the current name of SignPuddle Online.  Each puddle 
is focused on  one sign language.  I have a list of puddle names to ISO 
codes completed

I was planning to add the ISO codes in the futures, so instead of 
"puddle/sgn4", you could also use "dictionary/ase".

> * Is there any way to query for just the signs, without the extra 
> metadata?
Rather than just return the requested data, I decided to use an envelope 
that includes the meta data.  The response from the server will either 
include ['results'] for success or ['error'] for failure.  Is the 
envelope going to cause problems?  It is possible to add an extra query 
parameter, such as "?envelope=off" to suppress the envelope, but then 
the paging information is lost unless I put it in the header.

Additionally, if you just want to sign information in FSW without the 
extra fields, it is possible to add an extra query parameter, such as 

> * It doesn't seem to have a https version, which limits its usability 
> on Wikimedia. Is one planned for the future?
HTTPS will be supported in the future.  The main SignWriting Server will 
be moving from SignBank to a stand alone server where HTTPS will be 
enabled.  This should happen early next year.

The mirror SignWriting Server on Wikimedia Labs could be set up to do 
HTTPS right now, but I'd have to investigate how to do the 
configuration.  If you interested, you could join the SignWriting 
project on Wikitech.




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