[Sw-l] SignWriting Server v1.1, now with SignPuddle Online data

Stephen E Slevinski Jr slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Fri Nov 27 17:20:28 UTC 2015

On 11/26/15 5:15 AM, Yair Rand wrote:
> * It doesn't seem to have a https version, which limits its usability 
> on Wikimedia. Is one planned for the future?
Hi Yair,

HTTPS is now available at https://swserver.wmflabs.org

The API calls work fine through HTTPS.

The documentation pages through HTTPS don't pull in the remote CSS and 
JS resources.  These pages are created from a template provided by the 
"hiro" project. I was planning to rewrite the template, but that's for 
another day.




Valerie Sutton
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