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February 3, 2018

Good Saturday everyone!

Yes, this is a fun discussion on Rotation Symbols.

We are having electricity problems in my home (where I work), and an electrician is on his way to help us. I do not know how long the repairs will take, but it may be all day, so I will not be able to answer or discuss anything until tomorrow, Sunday. I look forward to it!

But one point while I can chat... We have some eLessons on our web site, teaching the Rotation Symbols in conjunction with other Curved Movements, and the eLessons use the wonderful illustrations by Steve Parkhurst (thank you again Steve ;-).

If you go through each web page, and scroll down and read everything there, I think it might become clearer... Start with this web page:

(remember to scroll down)

and keep reading through this web page:


and then other web pages:


and an important one:

It explains where to place the Rotation Symbols...above or below the hands? See screen capture below. This is related to the Pinkie and Thumb - but that we need another discussion for - There are rules for that too, but they are not posted in eLessons yet and I think they should be...

Have a great day everyone!



Valerie Sutton
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sutton at signwriting.org

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