[Sw-l] [SPAM] Questions about signwriting symbols with curving paths on sidewall

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Tue Apr 30 09:36:49 EDT 2019

Hi everyone two new questions – 


1.	Here is a set of symbols:



I interpret the first symbol (S2a900) as:  

The right hand curves toward the horizon (viewer).  Then the hand curves back toward the signer (writer).  In other words, an S-curve.  The overall path direction is straight up and down (not sloped toward signer or viewer). 

Is this correct?


2.	If I want a path that slopes, then I would use one of these symbols:


I interpret he first symbol in this set (S2B400) as: 

The hand moves upward and sloped toward the viewer/horizon, while at the same time curving right and left, as though walking up a curving mountain path.


Have I interpreted both symbols correctly?


Thank you!




Valerie Sutton
SignWriting List moderator
sutton at signwriting.org

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