[Sw-l] Lexically significant hand positions in ASL

David Zitzelsberger dazitzel at LIVE.COM
Fri Feb 26 05:51:40 UTC 2021

>>>As a native ASL user and linguist who is quite proficient in SignWriting, I can probably help with your question. I just want to be sure that I understand what you are asking. :-)

>>>It seems to me that you are wondering about the right hand being written in contact near the region of the left eye. Is that correct?

Not necessarily contact, but essentially yes. Maybe more along the lines of wondering about ASL words which are written by placing a right hand glyph on a head glyph by where the left eye would be drawn.

>>>Do you have some of those written signs that you are referring to? This might give us a better understanding what you are referring to, and be better able to verify or better explain what you are seeing.

I don't have specific signs. I wrote a program to analyze the entire dictionary. Most of it makes sense. The right ear is a common location while the left ear is a rare location for a right hand to be. Except for where the eyes would be drawn. The left eye shows as more common than the right eye.

But that does give me an idea. I could alter my program to report the words and confirm what I'm seeing so far. That's probably a better way to approach it.


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