[Sw-l] SignWriting support for Deaf-Blind?

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SignWriting List
November 10, 2021

Hello SW List, and welcome Alex Garcia, as a new member of the SW List!

Thank you, Alex, for contacting me through Facebook Messenger, and telling me about your work with Deaf-Blind issues. I am very impressed, of course, with all you are doing for the world. I am happy you accepted my invitation to join the SignWriting List, because we have several members of our List, who are either Deaf-Blind themselves, or who have experience with using SignWriting for Deaf-Blind communication.

Just recently, there have been two Congresses, or presentations, related to SignWriting in Brazil, and in both there have been mentions of SignWriting possibly used in Deaf-Blind communication.

In one presentation, Adam Frost presented SignWriting:

Adam Frost SignWrfiting Presentation

...and there was a question following his presentation, about the idea of raising the outline of each SignWriting symbol so that people can feel the symbol by following the 3-D outline with their fingertips. I thought both the question, and Adam’s answer, were excellent and started me to think about this issue.

The question on the video starts around 1:24:50, but the entire video is really excellent!

As you can see by this attached screen capture, the sign is raised like 3-D.

If there is anyone here on the SW List who has opinions, please feel free to post them - Discussions are so important. What do you think, Alex?

Val ;-)



> On Nov 10, 2021, at 4:54 AM, Alex Garcia <agapasm at AGAPASM.COM.BR> wrote:
> Hi Val! Very Good!
> Hugs! Alex - Brazil


> On Nov 9, 2021, at 8:27 AM, Alex Garcia <agapasm at AGAPASM.COM.BR> wrote:
> Hello SW List!
> Hello Valerie and Honza!
> Hello! My name is Alex Garcia - Deafblind Person and Person with Hydrocephalus and Rare Disease from Brazil.
> Alex Garcia's profile clik here:
> http://www.agapasm.com.br/Artigos/Alex%20-%20Perfil%20Ingles.pdf 
> Alex Garcia's reflections clik here:
> http://www.agapasm.com.br/english.asp 
> I enjoy getting to know the World of Communication!
> I appreciate knowing actions and people around the world.
> I appreciate sharing good initiatives.
> I have an immense network of contacts in the world.
> I believe we should give SignWriter more visibility.
> God Bless and We keep in touch!
> Alex Garcia - Brazil



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