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Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
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October 22, 2021

First, here is how I would write the sign for WHO in Thai Sign Language, based on the video provided:



Thank you, Sutthikhun, for this message on Messenger below. Thanks for letting me answer on the SW List, where others can give us their feedback ;-)

Sutthikhun wrote:
> Good morning Val! I would like to ask you how to use The Head from different viewpoint symbol for sign "Who?" in Thai Sign Language in as follows:
> 1. If I use Head Side View, does the Eyebrow have to be shown only on one side or have to be shown on both sides?
> 2. Does the Head Movement arrow have to be rotated in the direction of the head?
> 3. Does the Circular Movement arrow have to be rotated in the direction of the head?
> 4. Does the direction of the Hand have to be rotated along the Head direction as well?


ANSWER from Val:  This sign can be written from the Expressive Front View as I have written above. I placed my writing in SignPuddle in the Thai Sign Language Dictionary.

Writing anything from the Side View in SignWriting, although possible and occasionally necessary, should be avoided if possible, because writing from the Side View has different rules and circumstances, as your many questions illustrate!

It is also harder for other people to read from the Side View, because it is so rare. DanceWriting is a different. It was designed for all viewpoints, but SignWiting tends to remain Expressive and facing forward, unless we are writing Mime or dialogue or theater.

So I would rather not get into answering your questions about Side View right now - maybe later I can start a new lesson just on writing rare Side Views. Do you have questions on the way I wrote it above? Do you feel you can write it without the Side View now?

Feedback is welcome. It is fine to discuss and argue and enjoy the debate - that is what the SignWriting List is for!

Val ;-)



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