[Sw-l] ANNOUNCEMENT: SooSL 0.9.3 has been released!!!

Timothy Grove tim_grove at SIL.ORG
Thu Mar 24 20:10:25 UTC 2022

*SooSL 0.9.3 is now available from our website (Windows/macOS/Linux) *

*(and also through the SIL Linux package repository; 

Please visit *https://soosl.net/software.html* for more information and 
to download this new software.
Current SooSL users will be notified of this update the next time they 
run the program.

*New and improved features:*

  *    ****Upload to WebSooSL feature added* including support for
    uploading to either a public or private version of the same dictionary.
  *    Tool menu items reordered.
  *    Improved "About SooSL" dialog.
  *    Improved "About Dictionary" dialog.
  *    Improved startup screen (displays and logs progress).
  *    Improved file dialogs used for opening, importing and exporting
  *    File extensions are now case-insensitive in file dialogs. (.mp4 =
  *    When importing a dictionary from a ZooZL file, you can now
    specify the new project's folder name.
  *    Tools menu automatically opens (with usage advice) when opening
    SooSL without a dictionary.
  *    Reinstate sign count in status bar of main window. (Also still
    available in "About dictionary" dialog.)
  *    Updated interface (display language) translations in Spanish,
    French, and Romanian.
  *    Updated and improved help files covering both the desktop and web
    versions of SooSL.
  *    Revised the words used to describe SooSL, for consistency across
    SooSL Desktop, SooSL Web, and help files.

*** Yes, we can publish dictionaries online at https://web.soosl.net, 
that can now be updated directly from Desktop SooSL.
         If this is something that you may be interested in, please 
contact us through our website at: https://soosl.net/contact.html.

*A few fixes to known issues:*

  *    Word list not reloading after deleting sign [macOS] - fixed.
  *    Occasional crashes on opening [Windows] - fixed.
  *    File locks not working over network [Linux] - fixed.

*As always, our advice before upgrading to a new version of SooSL is to 
export any important projects that you are currently working on, in 
order to protect your valuable sign language data.*
We are not expecting you to have problems, but projects will be updated 
in order to work with the new software, and will no longer be compatible 
with 0.9.1 and earlier versions.

We hope that you enjoy using this new version of SooSL and we want to 
thank you for your continued interest and support.

Best regards,
Timothy Grove
SooSL Development Team



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