[Sw-l] Nonverbal communication: Two-hand gestures

Sutthikhun Phaengphongsai suttikunep at GMAIL.COM
Sun Mar 27 21:03:29 UTC 2022

Hello SW List members!

Other than sign languages, I'm not sure whether anyone has adopted
MovementWriting for gestures in recent years. I was inspired by gesture
notation in the book 'Sutton Movement Shorthand: Notation Supplement', and
realized that even non-verbal communication such as human gestures are
worth taking notes as well.

{{Some argue that sign languages should be classified as non-verbal just
because signers don't use speech, however the majority of what I've found
leans to sign languages being truly verbal because they contain vocabulary
that are equivalent to those of spoken languages, while gestures are
non-verbal because they don't contain words.}}

Although gestures are essential in communication of both deaf and
hearing-person communities, they are rarely mentioned or written about.
That's why I'd like to transcribe the gestures in our daily lives and want
you to take notes of your own cultural gestures too! ;)

[image: SW_others.png]

   - Air quotes, used to express satire, sarcasm, irony or euphemism, among
   - Awkward turtle, used to mark a moment as awkward
   - Batsu, used to indicate that something is "wrong" or "no good"
   - *Che vuoi?*, used when something is unclear, such as "what do you
   want?", "what are you saying?"
   - Hand heart, a recent pop culture symbol meaning love
   - Jazz hands, used in dance or other performances
   - Kohanic, used (especially by those of Kohanic or priestly descent)
   when reciting the Priestly Blessing
   - Kung fu salute, a formal demonstration of respect between kung fu
   - Merkel-Raute, the signature gesture of Angela Merkel has become a
   political symbol used by both her supporters and opponents
   - Namaste, a sign of respect in India and among yoga practitioners
   - Praying hands, used in most major religions during prayer
   - Shame, universally (at least in the U.S.) understood to be a "shame on
   - TT (crying), used to indicate that the user is upset or crying
   - Victory clasp, used to exclaim victory
   - Whatever, used to signal that something is not worth the time and
   - Zoltan, a sign of faith




Valerie Sutton
SignWriting List moderator
sutton at signwriting.org

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