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The Editors of ASIAN HIGHLANDS PERSPECTIVES are pleased to announce the
publication of Volume 6. As with all AHP publications, Volume 6 is a no-cost
download and as an at-cost hard-copy:
3 [Enter coupon code CYBER305 at checkout and receive 25% off any order.]



.         The Brag 'go Wolf Begging Ritual

.         Local History in Amdo - The Tsong kha Range

.         A New Investigation of the Geographic Position of the Bailan
Capital of the Tuyuhun

.         Stag rig Tibetan Village - Hair Changing and Marriage

.         Sustainable Development of Monastic Tourism in Tibetan Areas

.         Matrilineal Marriage in Tibetan Areas in Western Sichuan Province


Photo Essay

.         A photo essay on collecting water from from the Yellow River



.         Modern Tibetan Literature and Social Change

.         The Final Legend - Research on Oroqen Culture




Short Story


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The Editors


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