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Ein Buch, das wir brauchen.


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> North East Indian Linguistics Vol. 2, ed. by Stephen Morey and Mark William Post. Cambridge University Press, 2010.
> Hardback ISBN: 9788175967144; Pages: 268; Price: U.S. $ 28.00
> Book URL:
> Abstract: North East Indian Linguistics Volume 2 is the second in a series of selected papers presented at the International Conferences of the North East Indian Linguistics Society (NEILS), a forum for the study of the languages of North East India. The North East Indian languages are the richest and most diverse, yet also one of the least-well-known regions of the linguistics world. NEILS brings together local scholars, students, and well-known researchers from India and across the world to present the latest in research on North East Indian languages and cultures.
> The book essentially discusses tonology and phonology in the Assam floodplain. They bring together extensive information on tone in Bodo and Dimasa, studies of Tai Phake songs, the Ahom Bar Amra manuscripts, and the Barpetia dialect of Assamese. A special section on numerals also presents a comparative study of Tibeto-Burman numeral systems and more detailed accounts of Khasi, Karbi, Kom and Aimol.
> This book will be of interest to scholars specialising in South and South-East Asian languages and cultures, linguistic diversity and language
> endangerment.
> Contents
> Foreword
> A Note from the Editors
> Field Report
> Chapter 1: Preliminary notes on Dakpa (Tawang Monpa)
> Tonology and Phonology in the Assam Floodplain
> Chapter 2: An acoustic study of Dimasa tones
> Chapter 3: Bodo tones
> Chapter 4: The realisation of tones in traditional Tai Phake songs
> Chapter 5: Linguistic features of the Ahom Bar Amra
> Chapter 6: Some aspects of the phonology of Barpetia Assamese
> Special Section on Numerals
> Chapter 7: Number-building in Tibeto-Burman languages
> Chapter 8: The numeral 'one' in Khasi and Karbi
> Chapter 9: A comparative study of Kom and Aimol numerals
> Morphology and Syntax from Tani to Kuki-Chin
> Chapter 10: Predicate derivations in the Tani languages: Root, suffix, both or neither?
> Chapter 11: The non-finite markers -la and -pc in Mising
> Chapter 12: Universal quantifiers in Manipuri
> Chapter 13: Negation in Chothe
> Chapter 14: Benefactives in K'cho

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