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Subject: Reminder SEALS 21 (deadline Feb. 15, 2011)

A reminder that the Southeast Asian Linguistic Society is accepting abstracts:

What:  21st Annual Meeting of the Southeast Asian Linguistic Society
Where:  Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand
When:  May 11 - 13, 2011
Abstracts due:  February 15, 2011
Acceptance:  March 15, 2011 (early notification can be requested).
Conference website:   http://www.sealsxxi.hum.ku.ac.th
Contact / submissions:  sealsxxi at gmail.com
Host:  Aj. Kitima Indrambarya, Chair of the Organizing Committee

SEALS Journal website:  http://jseals.org

Second Call for papers:  SEALS 21

The Southeast Asian Linguistics Society - SEALS - was founded at Wayne State
University (in Detroit, Michigan) in 1990. SEALS holds an annual conference in
diverse locations in the United States, Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia.
This year SEALS XXI is hosted by the Department of Linguistics, Faculty of
Humanities, Kasetsart University, Bangkok, THAILAND. We invite scholars of
Southeast Asian Linguistics to join us in fulfilling our conference theme:
Multidisciplinary approaches to Southeast Asian Linguistics .  Abstracts are
invited for original papers on any of the following topics related to the
analysis of Southeast Asian languages. Other related topics will also be

     * Phonetic and phonological issues in Southeast Asian languages
     * New knowledge of the grammatical system of Southeast Asian languages
     * Genetic and areal classification of Southeast Asian languages
     * Typological features of Southeast Asian languages
     * Historical and comparative studies of Southeast Asian languages
     * Discourse and pragmatic analysis
     * Sociolinguistic study (variation in social context, language policy,
language planning, language choice, language shift and maintenance, etc.)
     * Psycholinguistic, neuro-linguistic, and cognitive study of Southeast
Asian Languages
     * Southeast Asian language and culture/thought

Call for abstracts
Participants will be allocated 20 minutes for presentation, plus 10 minutes
for discussion.
Deadline for abstracts: February 15, 2011 via email
Notification of acceptance: March 15, 2011 via email

Early notification is possible for abstracts which have been received early.

Format of Abstract
Abstracts are preferably written using a Unicode font and should consist of
two or
three pages as follows:

Page 1
Paper's title
Abstract body (maximum 400 words). Be as specific as possible, with a statement
of topic, approach, and conclusions.

Page 2
Paper's title
Author's name
Contact E-mail Address
References (if any).

An author may submit one single and one joint abstract. In case of joint
authorship, one author should be designated as the contact person.

Submission of Abstracts
Abstracts are to be submitted via email, as email attachments both in .PDF and
.DOC, to the following address: sealsxxi at gmail.com.  Please indicate
''SEALSXXI Abstract'' in the email subject heading.

Review of Abstracts
Abstracts will be assessed by an independent international academic committee
to ensure high standards. Early submission of abstracts is encouraged so that
the academic committee can offer timely feedback or advice on proposed

Round Table Session

Further details regarding the conference and registration are available at

Contact Email Address: sealsxxi at gmail.com

Local Committee :
Kitima Indrambarya, Chair of the Organizing Committee
Natchanan Yaowapat, Secretary of the Organizing Committee

International committee:
Mark Alves
Marc Brunelle
Dinh Lu Giang
Martha Ratliff
Paul Sidwell
Uri Tadmor
Alice Vittrant
Justin Watkins


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