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The Journal of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society is freely available
on line, and may also be obtained in print form from Pacific Linguistics.
Issue 3.2:2010 has just been made available on line:


JSEALS is the peer-reviewed journal of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society.
It is devoted to publishing research on the languages of mainland and insular
Southeast Asia.  JSEALS  is an electronic journal, distributed by Pacific
Linguistics (www.pacling.com) and the JSEALS website (jseals.org). Hard copies
may be ordered.
Table of Contents for each issue:
Postpositions and Relational Nouns in Lai
 George Bedell 1
Phonology of the Stieng Language: a Rime Study
 Noëllie Bon 22
The Differential Development of Proto-Southwestern Tai *r in Lao and Thai
 Garry Davis 49
The Austroasiatic Vocabulary for Rice: its Origin and Expansion
 Michel Ferlus 61
A Preliminary Study of Early Changes of Verbal Negators in Thai
 Kiyoko Takahashi 77
klah in Contemporary Khmer: Quantitative and Qualitative Plurality
 Joseph D. Thach and Denis Paillard 93
Child Acquisition of Vietnamese Classifier Phrases
 Jennie Tran 111
Pulling Out All the Stops in Vietnamese:  A Delineation Between Native
   and Non-Native Vietnamese Speech for Voice Onset Time
 Alina Twist, Jessica Shamoo Marx, Jessica Bauman, Allison Blodgett 138
Book Notice 151
Phonological innovation among Hmong dialects of Wenshan.
 Andy Castro, Gu Chaowen 1
Language Replacement and the Spread of Tibeto-Burman
 Scott DeLancey 40
Prosody of Vietnamese from an interactional perspective: ờ, ừ and vâng in
   backchannels and requests for information
 Hạ, Kiều Phương 56
Aspects of reduplication in Kơho, a Mon-Khmer language
 Neil H. Olsen 77
Bangkok Thai tones revisited
 Kanjana Thepboriruk 86
Contact-Induced Change? Register In Three Cham Dialects
 Marc Brunelle 1
A Minimalist Approach To Amis Voice Markers
 Yi-Ting Chen 23
Identifying Prepositions In Thai
 Kitima Indrambarya 37
Deixis And Information Structure In Mon: The Multifunctional Particle kɔ̀h
 Mathias Jenny 53
Tone Neutralization Due To Consonants In Mulao
 Seunghun J. Lee 73
Eventivity And Stativity In Thai Verbs
 Natsuki Matsui 85
Vietnamese Passive Sentences From A Typological Perspective
 Nguyễn Hồng Cổn 107
Proto-Southwestern-Tai Revised: A New Reconstruction
 Pittayawat Pittayaporn 121
Complementizers And Verb Classification In Thai
 Amara Prasithrathsint 145
Village Names In Chiang Saen: An Ethnolinguistic Study Of Place Names In Thai
 Sorabud Rungrojsuwan 161
Arrival Expressions In Thai
 Kiyoko Takahashi 175

Data Papers / Reports / Notes
A Preliminary Description Of Ende Phonology
 Bradley McDonnell 195
Aspect Marking And Modality In Child Vietnamese
 Jennie Tran 227
A Note On Interference Of Thai Reduplication On Vietnamese Spoken In
Udon Thani Province Of Thailand
 Songgot Paanchiangwong 241
1:2009  (2008 papers)
Sino-Vietnamese Grammatical Vocabulary And Sociolinguistic Conditions For
 Mark J. Alves 1
Agreement In Laizo
 George Bedell, Kee Shein Mang, Khar Thuan 11
Influence Of Lexical Semantics On Reflexes And Allomorphs Of *<um> And *<in>
   In Bonggi
 Michael Boutin 23
Northern And Southern Vietnamese Tone Coarticulation: A Comparative Case Study
 Marc Brunelle 49
Contact Pragmatics: Requests In Wisconsin Hmong
 Susan Meredith Burt 63
English Loanword Adaptation In Burmese
 Charles B. Chang 77
A Layer Of Dongsonian Vocabulary In Vietnamese
 Michel Ferlus 95
Modality In Burmese: ‘May’ Or ‘Must’ – Grammatical Uses Of yá ‘Get’
 Mathias Jenny 111
Singapore English Wh-Questions: A Gap In The Paradigm
 Chonghyuck Kim,Qizhong Chang,Rong Chen Lau,Selvanathan Nagarajan 127
Structural And Pragmatic Functions Of Kuki-Chin Verbal Stem Alternations
 Deborah King 141
The Middle Voice In Tagalog
 Naonori Nagaya 159
Reduplication Asymmetries In Bahasa Indonesia And The Organization
   Of The Lexicon-Syntax Interface
 Yosuke Sato 189
Proto-Mon-Khmer Vocalism: Moving On From Shorto’s ‘Alternances’
 Paul Sidwell 205
Basic Serial Verb Constructions In Thai
 Kiyoko Takahashi 215
An Acoustic Study Of Interword Consonant Sequences In Vietnamese
 Trần Thị Thúy Hiền, Nathalie Vallée 231
The Integration Of English Loanwords In Hong Kong Cantonese
 Cathy Sin Ping Wong, Robert S. Bauer, Zoe Wai Man Lam 251
Nonexhaustive Syllabification In Temiar
 Ngee Thai Yap 267

Data Paper
Preliminary Notes On The Phonology, Orthography And Vocabulary Of Semnam
   (Austroasiatic, Malay Peninsula)
 Niclas Burenhult, Claudia Wegener 283

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