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Dear All,

The editors of *Asian Highlands Perspectives* (*AHP*) are pleased to

*AHP 15: Rgyal rong Tibetan Life, Language, and Folklore in Rgyas bzang
Village* by G.yu 'brug and CK Stuart

This study of Rgyas bzang (Jizong) Village includes a brief summary of G.yu
'brug's life, local languages and location, agriculture, sleeping, eating,
childbirth and child raising, stone houses, stone towers, taboos, customs,
folktales, a short story, annual religious rituals, death rituals,
pilgrimage to Mount Dmu rdo, marriage, education, a glossary of non-English
terms, a Rgyas bzang Tibetan Dialect-English word list, and an
English-Rgyas bzang Tibetan Dialect word list.

This volume is available as an at-cost hardcover volume at:


And for free download at:


We look forward to announcing several more new volumes of *AHP* in the
coming weeks.

CK Stuart

Gerald Roche

Tshe dbang rdo rje

Timothy Thurston

Rin chen rdo rje
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