An update about Asian languages in the Pangloss Collection (LACITO Archive)

Alexis Michaud alexis.michaud at VJF.CNRS.FR
Sun Oct 21 14:07:57 UTC 2012

The LACITO Archive has changed its name to "The Pangloss Collection". It
is an open archive providing free access to documents of connected,
spontaneous speech, mostly in "rare" or endangered languages, recorded in
their cultural context and transcribed in consultation with native
speakers. Its goal is to contribute to the documentation and study of the
world's languages.

At present, the archive contains 1230 records in 71 languages, with 325
documents annotated.

The Pangloss Collection has a special strength in languages of the
Tibeto-Burman area, including languages of China (Japhug, Laze, Yongning
Na, Naxi, Prinmi/Pumi), India (Chang Naga and Mizo), Nepal (Bahing, Hayu,
Koyi Rai, Limbu, Nepali, Tamang, Thulung) and Thailand (Lahu).

The transcribed documents are in XML format, allowing easy conversion to
other formats, in addition to online browsing of the texts with
synchronized audio.

Long-term archiving of the documents in the archive is guaranteed (through
a national institution, CINES).

This archive is generally accessible from China, though brief offline
episodes have been reported.

Boyd Michailovsky & Alexis Michaud

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