New from Asian Highlands Perspectives. AHP27: A Northeast Tibetan Childhood.

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Dear All,

The editors of *Asian Highlands Perspectives* are pleased to announce AHP
27: *A Northeastern Tibetan Childhood*.

Tsering Bum (b. 1985) describes his early life in Amdo in terms of dreams,
herding, punishment from a lama, schooling experiences, attending a
Kalachakra teaching, a *lhatzi* gathering, irrigation, his grandfather,
archery, and other important moments and influences.

This new volume is available as an at-cost hardcover book (14.83 USD):

and as a free PDF:


I highly recommend this exciting new work. Tsering Bum's account of his
life is a quick and pleasant read, full of insights into many aspects of
contemporary Tibetan culture. From village rituals associated with death
and archery contests to the challenges of modern schooling in rural areas,
Tsering Bum leads us quickly through a narrative that links past and
present to hopes for the future. Tibetan Buddhism and mountain pilgrimage
play a limited but significant role in the story. As a historian, I was
most interested in the chapter 'Grandpa' that recounts the poorly
documented but well-known troubles the Amdo Tibetans faced under the
warlord Ma Bufang. *Gray Tuttle, Leila Hadley Luce Assistant Professor of
Modern Tibetan Studies, Columbia University*

This collection offers a poignant, insightful series of vignettes on life
in Tibetan communities. At a time when much attention is focused on macro
issues of state institutions, nationalities policies, and international
implications related to China and Tibet, this study is a welcome correction
that reminds readers of the human stories that are the foundation for
understanding social change in local communities. *Pitman Potter, Professor
of Law; Director, Institute of Asian Research; The University of British


AHP Editors
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