TOC: Asian Highlands Perspectives 28.

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Dear all,

The editors of *Asian Highlands Perspectives* are pleased to announce the
publication of *AHP 28*, our annual essay collection for 2013. This volume
contains: five original research articles from Cambodia, China (Tibetan and
Pumi), and Vietnam; a selection of Tibetan folklore and original fiction;
and twenty reviews of new books.

The entire volume of *AHP 28* is available as a free download:

At cost hard copies (457pp, 23.33USD) can be purchased from here:



Ian G Baird. Shifting Contexts and Performances: Brao-Kavet and Their
Sacred Mountains in Northeast Cambodia.

Dpa' mo skyid. The 'Descent of Blessings': Ecstasy and Revival among
Tibetan Bon Communities of Reb gong.

Gerong Pincuo and Henriëtte Daudy. Too Much Loving-Kindness to Repay:
Funeral Speeches of the Wenquan Pumi.

Wang Shiyong. Towards a Localized Development Approach for Tibetan Areas in

William Noseworthy. The Cham's First Highland Sovereign: Po Romé (r.


Bsod nams 'gyur med. Folktales from Gcig sgril.

Lhundrum. Longing for Snow-covered Peaks: Deity Possession in the

Thub bstan. Elopement.

Ba. Lobsang Gonbo. Love in Shambala.

Pad+ma skyabs. The Price of a Thesis.

Pad ma rin chen. Scattered Memories of a Misspent Youth.

Pad ma rin chen. Conflict.


Magnus Fiskesjö. Review of *Naga Identities.*

Paul Nietupski. Review of *Scripture of the Ten Kings*.

Ivette Vargas-O'Bryan. Review of *Tibet – A History.*

Mátyás Balogh. Review of two Mongolian Language works on the Mongols of the
Gansu-Qinghai Region.

Bill Bleisch. Review of *China's Environmental Challenges*.

Katia Buffetrille. Review of *Le bergers du Fort Noir*.

Faisal Chauhdry. Review of *Islam and Tibet*.

Andrew Grant. Review of *The* *Art of Not Being Governed. *

Binod Singh. Review of *Recent Research on Ladakh 2009. *

Christina Kilby. Review of *Revisiting Rituals in a Changing Tibetan World*.

Anja Reid. Review of *Japanese-Mongolian Relations*.

Benno Ryan Weiner. Review of *China's 'Tibetan' Frontiers*.

Ligaya Beebe. Review of *Drokpa*.

Daniel Winkler. Review of *Transforming Nomadic Resource Management and
Livelihood Strategies*.

Gregory Rohlf. Review of *Explorers and Scientists in China's Borderlands*.

Jack Hayes. Review of *Origins and Migrations in the Extended Eastern

Christopher Weedall. Review of *The Sherthukpens of Arunachal Pradesh*.

Zhiguo Ye. Review of *Critical Han Studies*.

Bina Sengar. Review of *Trade and Society along the Ancient Silk Road*.

Bettina Zeisler. Review of *Emerging Bon.*


The Editors of *Asian Highlands Perspectives*
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