Announcement and call for papers

Sun Jul 14 07:32:23 UTC 2013

Dear colleagues,

This is to inform you that beginning in 2014 (Vol 37.1/April) all
non-editorial related aspects of *Linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman
Area*will henceforth be managed by John Benjamins, and the journal
will enjoy
the prestigious company of sister publications such as *Studies in
Language, Diachronica *and* Korean Linguistics*. It is envisaged that John
Benjamin’s superior abstracting and indexing services will considerably
increase the availability and impact of contributors’ articles on the
field. This in turn should lift the citation counts of authors, thus making
LTBA an even more attractive journal in which to publish papers.

LTBA now solicits the submission of original articles dealing with all
aspects of the description and analysis of languages spoken in mainland
Southeast Asia and South Asia. While our primary interest centres on
research on Tibeto-Burman languages, the journal is also keen maintain its
broad areal focus by continuing to publish articles dealing with
Austroasiatic, Indo-Aryan, Hmong-Mien and Tai-Kadai languages etc.

To ensure that the transition to John Benjamins goes smoothly, I call upon
all scholars with an interest in the languages of mainland Southeast Asia
and South Asia to enthusiastically support the journal by submitting papers
for publication, thereby ensuring that LTBA remains a viable and important
conduit through which we share our research findings with the field and
inform linguistic theory.

Best regards,

Alexander R. Coupe, PhD
Linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman Area
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