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> Dear colleagues,
> This is to inform you that beginning in 2014 (Vol 37.1/April) all
> non-editorial related aspects of *Linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman Area*will henceforth be managed by John Benjamins, and the journal will enjoy
> the prestigious company of sister publications such as *Studies in
> Language, Diachronica *and* Korean Linguistics*. It is envisaged that
> John Benjamin’s superior abstracting and indexing services will
> considerably increase the availability and impact of contributors’ articles
> on the field. This in turn should lift the citation counts of authors, thus
> making LTBA an even more attractive journal in which to publish papers.
> LTBA now solicits the submission of original articles dealing with all
> aspects of the description and analysis of languages spoken in mainland
> Southeast Asia and South Asia. While our primary interest centres on
> research on Tibeto-Burman languages, the journal is also keen maintain its
> broad areal focus by continuing to publish articles dealing with
> Austroasiatic, Indo-Aryan, Hmong-Mien and Tai-Kadai languages etc.
> To ensure that the transition to John Benjamins goes smoothly, I call upon
> all scholars with an interest in the languages of mainland Southeast Asia
> and South Asia to enthusiastically support the journal by submitting papers
> for publication, thereby ensuring that LTBA remains a viable and important
> conduit through which we share our research findings with the field and
> inform linguistic theory.
> Best regards,
> Alec
> --
> Alexander R. Coupe, PhD
> Editor
> Linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman Area

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