The connection between Pyu and Nungish

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Hi Nathan et al.,

    Attached is a scan of Vol 12, Appendix 6 of STL, regarding Pyu. I
didn't see much about Nung in there, but maybe it will help reveal his
thought process.


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> Hi
> Krech is completely off the planet about Pyu, he claims it is Shan.
> Pyu could probably be classified better now that we have much more Luish
> data - Sak/Thet, Kadu and so on. I think that is the most likely fit.
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> Subject: The connection between Pyu and Nungish
> Dear all,
> Would anyone know why Paul Benedict said that Pyu was closest to the
> Nung(ish) subgroup? (Sino-Tibetan Conspectus p.196 n.494, and pp.9-10
> n.33.) He cites Robert Shafer's 1943 article in HJAS on the Pyu
> inscriptions, which compares them with Karen, but don't really mention
> Nungish. On p. 196, Benedict compares Pyu tones with Burmese and Nungish,
> but doesn't sound very conclusive there about which language is closer,
> although he says on p. 10 that Pyu is closer to Nungish than to
> Lolo-Burmese proper.
> Uwe Krech has a chapter called "Reassessment of Myazedi Pyu" in Medieval
> Tibeto-Burman Languages IV, which gives a lot of helpful information, but
> doesn't specifically state why Benedict made the connection, either.
> Benedict seems to hint that the answer is in his comparative sketch of Pyu
> in Sino-Tibetan Linguistics, vol. 12, Appendix VI, which as far as I know
> is still unpublished.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Nathan
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