Dissertations on endangered language grammar

Lauren Gawne lauren.gawne at GMAIL.COM
Wed Jun 18 01:59:01 UTC 2014

Dear all,

I am currently doing some work looking at the structure of PhD
dissertations that are grammatical descriptions or grammars, and I am
having a particularly difficult time finding work beyond the USA, Australia
and The Netherlands.

In particular I am looking for:

-    PhD dissertations/theses (no MA sorry!);
-    Dated 2003-2012;
-    That are based on primary documentation of a language, and are either
a grammatical description of the whole system, or focus on a specific
morpho-syntactic area;
-    Are from institutions not in Australia/Canada/USA/Netherlands;
-    Are in English;
-    That I could access as an electronic copy.

I know that those countries do dominate the research field in this area,
but I'm hoping to add to the few examples that I already have. They do not
need to be T-B focused.

If you are able to help me at all, I would be much obliged.

Many thanks,

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