Dissertations on endangered language grammar

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Dear Lauren,

All UK dissertations are in principle downloadable from the British


In some cases the work in question is not digitized, but then you can pay
to make the digitize it, and future users will get it for free.

I did a quick search for 'grammar' and it did get my a lot of descriptive
work, but much of it before the period you are interested in, and of course
there were lots of false positives about English or theoretical syntax.

In any case, it might be worth a look.


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On Wed, Jun 18, 2014 at 2:59 AM, Lauren Gawne <lauren.gawne at gmail.com>

> Dear all,
> I am currently doing some work looking at the structure of PhD
> dissertations that are grammatical descriptions or grammars, and I am
> having a particularly difficult time finding work beyond the USA, Australia
> and The Netherlands.
> In particular I am looking for:
> -    PhD dissertations/theses (no MA sorry!);
> -    Dated 2003-2012;
> -    That are based on primary documentation of a language, and are either
> a grammatical description of the whole system, or focus on a specific
> morpho-syntactic area;
> -    Are from institutions not in Australia/Canada/USA/Netherlands;
> -    Are in English;
> -    That I could access as an electronic copy.
> I know that those countries do dominate the research field in this area,
> but I'm hoping to add to the few examples that I already have. They do not
> need to be T-B focused.
> If you are able to help me at all, I would be much obliged.
> Many thanks,
> Lauren
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