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Hi Katie,

Here are a few languages I have on hand...

In Rawang (Mvtwang dialect), 'tea' is /paqká/ [pʰaʔ⁵⁵kʰa⁵³]. I'm not sure
of the etymology, although STEDT says [pʰaʔ] comes from a PTB root *r-pak
meaning 'leaf', and the second syllable might be related to Mandarin /chá/
[tɕʰa³⁵]. I always get it mixed up with /kapà/ [kʰa³³pʰa²¹] 'what'. Their
tea leaves are small and broad-leafed, and the tea is served in small
bamboo cups.

In Anong, it is [lɑ³¹tɕɑ⁵⁵].

In Thai, it is /náamchaa/ [naam³⁵tɕʰaa³³] (water+tea) or just [tɕʰaa³³].
That, except for the 'water' part, definitely seems to be from Mandarin.

In Dai Lue, there are several words:
/sutʰaa⁴/ [sutʰaa³³] 'tea (literary)'
/nam⁶laa⁶/ [na̰m³³la̰a̰³³] 'tea' (water+tea)
/laa⁶/ [la̰a̰³³] 'tea'
/laa⁶kʰew¹/ [la̰a̰³³kʰew⁵⁵] 'green tea' (tea+green)
/laa⁶dæŋ¹/ [la̰a̰³³dæŋ⁵⁵] 'black tea' (tea+red) (a calque with Mandarin
/hóngchá/ (red+tea))


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On Mon, Nov 3, 2014 at 4:50 PM, Katie B Gao <katiebgao at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> A brief (fun) request if you’re interested. I’m working on a mapping
> project illustrating the words for ‘tea’ in the world’s languages. If you
> have a minute, I would love to know the generic word for ‘tea’ in the
> language(s) you work on. If you have any etymological info (direct
> borrowing, trade-related, etc) for this lexical item or interesting sources
> you could point me to, I would appreciate it.
> Aloha,
> Katie Gao
> katiebgao at gmail.com
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