[Tibeto-burman-linguistics] Cfp: International workshop on linguistic fieldwork in South Asia, Uppsala, 1-2 June

Anju Saxena Anju.Saxena at lingfil.uu.se
Sat May 16 05:12:37 UTC 2015

Call for participation

International workshop on linguistic fieldwork in South Asia
The University Main building (room IX)
Uppsala University
1-2 June 2015

< http://www.lingfil.uu.se/kalend/konf/lfsa/>


1 June 2015

9.30-10.00      Registration

10.00-10.15     Opening Colette Grinevald, Université de Lyon

10.15-10.45     Context! Or how to read thoughts in a foreign language  Bettina Zeisler, Universität Tübingen

10.45-11.15     A close look at the sociolinguistic survey of Nepalese languages        Bhim Lal Gautam, Tribhuvan University

11.15-11.45     Linguistic biographies as a fieldwork technique for assessing language vitality Gerald Roche, Uppsala University

11.45-13.30     LUNCH

13.30-14.00     Exploring the secrets of life through words: The art of making a dictionary of a dying language Anvita Abbi, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig

14.00-14.30     Collaboration within and without borders        Christina Willis Oko, Rice University

14.30-15.00     The case of the curious letter: Rhotic vowel sounds in Dameli   Emil Perder, Stockholm University/Uppsala University

15.00-15.30     TEA/COFFEE

15.30-16.00     Prescriptivism and translation effects in data gathering: Two examples from Tibeto-Burman       Shobhana Chelliah, University of North Texas

16.00-16.30     Areal-typological research grounded in fieldwork: Examples from a cross-linguistic collaboration project in Northern Pakistan   Henrik Liljegren, Stockholm University
*       18.00 Workshop dinner

2 June 2015

10.00-10.30     Studying language change in big data of a small language: the case of Chintang  Sabine Stoll, University of Zurich

10.30-11.00     Documenting change and variation in Malto and Koraga    Chaithra Puttaswamy, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

11.00-11.30     Linguistic fieldwork in language contact situations: Methodological
challenges in Nihali documentation      Shailendra Mohan, Deccan College PG & RI, Pune

11.30-12.00     Some lexical features of Garhwali       Ram Prasad Bhatt, University of Hamburg

12.00-13.30     LUNCH

13.30-14.00     Ad hoc construction of Frames of Reference in Upper Burmese narratives  Pavel Ozerov

14.00-14.30     Adverbial suffixes in Bodo      Krishna Boro & Prafulla Basumatary, University of Oregon/Gauhati University

14.30-15.00     Person and evidence in the western Himalayas: The case of the existential copula in Bunan       Manuel Widmer, University of Bern

15.00-15.30     Documentation of traditional lore from professional bards and shamans in Karakorum and Himalayas: practical difficulties and ethical dilemmas   Claus Peter Zoller
Oslo University

15.30-  TEA/COFFEE

Anju Saxena

Anju Saxena
Professor of Linguistics
Dept. of Linguistics & Philology
Uppsala University


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