[Tibeto-burman-linguistics] Archive going up for sale - Naga Hills expeditions

Mark W. Post markwpost at gmail.com
Tue May 26 23:45:51 UTC 2015

Dear Listmembers,

An archive of original documents and photographs relating to a Naga 
Hills expedition in the 1920s ("against human sacrifice and slavery") is 
about to go up for sale at the Olympia Book Fair - at a price of 
GBP8000! Here's the seller's exhibition catalogue: 
http://pictures.voyager-press.com/Olympia2015small2.pdf, and here's a 
longer description: 

Do any listmembers happen to work for an institution with a well-funded 
research library, and if so, would you be interested in trying to 
convince them to buy this?


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