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It is a very nice collection,


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Dear Listmembers,

A Festschrift for Robbins Burling entitled Language and Culture in Northeast India and Beyond has recently been published through Asia-Pacific Linguistics' new open-access series Languages and Peoples of the Eastern Himalayan Region. It contains 19 contributions - mostly on Tibeto-Burman languages of NE India - both from authors who will be familiar to listmembers, and from those who may not be.

An eBook version is freely downloadable here<http://hdl.handle.net/1885/38458>, and a print version is available for purchase (only USD$15) here<http://www.lulu.com/shop/mark-w-post-and-stephen-morey-and-scott-delancey/language-and-culture-in-northeast-india-and-beyond-in-honor-of-robbins-burling/paperback/product-22491380.html>. A South Asian edition is also in the works, for eventual sale in S. Asian countries only.

Please see the attached flyer.

All best

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