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25 July 2017

Dear Eitan,

Regarding Newar, here are some books I refer to daily, sometimes even 
many times a day in my efforts to check and edit some Newar texts that 
are being prepared for publication:

    Kölver, Ulrike and Iswarananda Shresthacarya. (with the assistance
    of Daya Ratna Sakya and Nirmal Man Tuladhar) 1994. /*A Dictionary of
    Newari, */Newari - English/**/[Nepalica; 8, Herausgegeben von
    Bernhard Kölver und         Siegfried Lienhard], Bonn, VGH
    Wissenschaftsverlag,  ISBN 3-88280-049-6, pp. xx, 341.

    Manandhar, Thakur Lal. 1986. /*Newari-English Dictionary, */Modern
    Language of Kathmandu Valley, [Ed. Dr. Anne Vergati], Delhi, Agam
    Kala Prakashan, 34 Central Market, Ashok Vihar, Delhi-110052, pp.
    xlix, 284.

    Tuladhar, Kamal. 2003. /*English - Nepal Bhasa Dictionary.
    */Published by J. R. Tuladhar, Kathmandu, pp.444.

For a more extensive listing of important items, see Austin Hale & Kedar 
P. Shrestha, 2006. /*Newar (Nepal Bhasa) */[Languages of the 
World/Materials 256]/**/pp. 233-247, LINCOM Gmbh, Gmunder Str. 35, 
D-81379, Muenchen //
LINCOM.EUROPA at t-online.de

Hope this helps,


Austin Hale

On 24.07.2017 07:05, Eitan Grossman wrote:
> Dear all,
> Does anyone know who might know something about Tedim/Tiddim Chin, 
> Jinghpaw, Meche/Mech, or Newar?
> I would like to verify some small data sets in these languages, and 
> would be grateful for any help. Dictionaries of any of these languages 
> would also be terrific.
> Best wishes,
> Eitan
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