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Dear Randy and all,

As somebody involved in one of the studies, but with not very much of a
good knowledge of ST history, so I would not dare to call myself an
expert in this field, I would like to mention that in addition to the
similarities in the conclusions, I find the particular dissimilarities
even more interesting.

What I hope for the future, with these different studies, is a vivid
discussion among scholars of Sino-Tibetan/Trans-Himalayan, involving all
kinds of opinions. I'd like to hear in talks and see in papers where
colleagues find confirmation for findings, where they disagree, and
where they could improve, be it on the data that we produced in our
group, on additional evidence, or on the evidence we could draw from new
high-quality reconstructions of subgroups.

To make our own process of data coding more transparent, I started a
blogpost series that will -- on a monthly basis -- introduce certain
aspects of how we started by collecting and curating our Sino-Tibetan
database of Lexical Cognates: https://calc.hypotheses.org/1882

All the best,


On 13/05/2019 14.04, Randy J. LaPolla wrote:
> Hi All,
> I thought I sent the message pasted below this one to the list back on
> May 1, but I sent it to the wrong address. 
> Btw, now that we’ve seen the article sent by Lai Yunfan, we have a nice
> case of reproducibility, a keystone of science, as that article used
> similar data and the same software package as the Zang et al. article I
> am sending now, and also some of the same concepts and data that David
> Bradley used in the article attached. Plus there was my 2001 article
> (here
> <http://www.randylapolla.info/Papers/LaPolla_2001_The_Role_of_Migration_and_Language_Contact_in_the_Development_of_the_Sino-Tibetan_Language_Family.pdf>),
> which relied largely on historical sources. The dovetailing of all of
> this work makes the case for the origin of the Sino-Tibetan family being
> in the middle reaches of the Yellow River and the association with Yang
> Shao culture quite strong.
> Randy
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> Hi All,
> For those interested in the question of the Sino-Tibetan homeland and
> the development of the family, here are two very useful recent articles,
> one as attachment, one as a link:
> https://www.dropbox.com/s/i74fimoxns2sicm/Zang%20et%20al%202019%20Phylogenetic%20evidence%20for%20Sino-Tibetan%20origin%20in%20northern%20China%20in%20the%20Late%20Neolithic%20%20Nature.pdf.pdf?dl=0
> <https://www.dropbox.com/s/i74fimoxns2sicm/Zang et al 2019 Phylogenetic
> evidence for Sino-Tibetan origin in northern China in the Late Neolithic
> Nature.pdf.pdf?dl=0>
> Randy
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