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Hi All,
I thought I sent the message pasted below this one to the list back on May 1, but I sent it to the wrong address. 
Btw, now that we’ve seen the article sent by Lai Yunfan, we have a nice case of reproducibility, a keystone of science, as that article used similar data and the same software package as the Zang et al. article I am sending now, and also some of the same concepts and data that David Bradley used in the article attached. Plus there was my 2001 article (here <http://www.randylapolla.info/Papers/LaPolla_2001_The_Role_of_Migration_and_Language_Contact_in_the_Development_of_the_Sino-Tibetan_Language_Family.pdf>), which relied largely on historical sources. The dovetailing of all of this work makes the case for the origin of the Sino-Tibetan family being in the middle reaches of the Yellow River and the association with Yang Shao culture quite strong.


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Hi All,
For those interested in the question of the Sino-Tibetan homeland and the development of the family, here are two very useful recent articles, one as attachment, one as a link:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/i74fimoxns2sicm/Zang%20et%20al%202019%20Phylogenetic%20evidence%20for%20Sino-Tibetan%20origin%20in%20northern%20China%20in%20the%20Late%20Neolithic%20%20Nature.pdf.pdf?dl=0 <https://www.dropbox.com/s/i74fimoxns2sicm/Zang%20et%20al%202019%20Phylogenetic%20evidence%20for%20Sino-Tibetan%20origin%20in%20northern%20China%20in%20the%20Late%20Neolithic%20%20Nature.pdf.pdf?dl=0>

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