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No, what you said is that "neither of them published their data". Hence 
the misunderstanding.

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>Dear All,
>Since my statement has required two "clarifications," let me clarify 
>that I said that neither Watters or Donohue had released their DATA. 
>The information in a publication cannot be verified unless the DATA is 
>released. Also, it is very hard for new research to be done on a 
>language if there is not DATA available. Kusunda will be dead in a few 
>years, and if no DATA is available on it, then the works of Watters and 
>Donohue will be the last things ever written about the language.
>Watters is unfortunately no longer with us, so his DATA is probably 
>lost forever. As for Donohue, why he is so reluctant to publish his 
>DATA is a mystery to me, despite having me asked him myself this 
>question in Sydney this summer. Particularly when the public funds 
>research, it is a mystery to me why researchers do not want the public 
>to check the accuracy of their work and build upon it.
>In my original posting I did not make a mistake. Watters and Donohue 
>hae not published their DATA and Uday and Tim have.
>thank you,
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>On Mon, Sep 23, 2019 at 3:32 PM Kristine Hildebrandt <khildeb at siue.edu> 
>>H again all,
>>I wanted to also just clarify that Mark Donohue's work on Kusunda is 
>>also out there in many publications (co-authored with Bohj Raj Gautam 
>>and Madhav Prasad Pokhrel), and so Uday Raj and Tim Bodt's publicly 
>>released data set can be seen as complementing both David and Mark's 
>>published descriptions/analyses:
>>Donohue, Mark, and Bhoj Raj Gautam. 2013. Evidence and stance in 
>>Kusunda. Nepalese Linguistics 28: 38-47. 
>>Donohue, Mark, Bhoj Raj Gautam and Madhav Prasad Pokharel. 2014. 
>>Negation and nominalization in Kusunda. Language 90 (3): 737-745. DOI 
>>10.1353/lan.2014.0054 <https://doi.org/10.1353/lan.2014.0054>
>>Gautam, Bhoj Raj, and Mark Donohue. 2014. Deixis in Kusunda. Nepalese 
>>Linguistics 29: 152- 157. 
>>Donohue, Mark, and Bhoj Raj Gautam. 2016. Quantification in Kusunda. 
>>In Denis Paperno and Ed. Keenan, eds., Quantification in Natural 
>>Language. https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9789400726802
>>On Wed, Sep 18, 2019 at 6:56 AM Nathan Hill <nh36 at soas.ac.uk> wrote:
>>>Dear Colleague,
>>>I just wanted to let people know about the new data on Kusunda that 
>>>Uday Raj and Tim Bodt have publicly filed on Zenodo. Kusunda is a 
>>>language isolate with only two speakers. In the last decades some 
>>>work was done on it by the late David E. Watters, and my Mark 
>>>Donohue, but neither of them published their research data.
>>>Uday and Tim have now put more than 20 hours of material online open 
>>>access, as described in the attached .pdf file.
>>>very best,
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>>('Thanks' in Manange)
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