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Dear Tibeto-Burmanists,

Obituary: Prof. Dr. Tsuguhito Takeuchi (1951-2021) It is the tremendous sorrow to announcethat Prof. Dr. Tsuguhito Takeuchi of Kobe City University of Foreign Studies passedaway at midnight of April 3rd, 2021 (at the age of 69) at home inAmagasaki city of Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.Tsugu was, as many of you know, an acclaimedlinguist and philologistof the Tibetan language, especially OldTibetan documents. His doctoral dissertation to Indiana University was publishedas a book entitled Old Tibetan Contracts from Central Asia (by Daizo Shuppan),which has been widely cited by many Tibetanists. Since then, he had worked forconstructing the online database for Old Tibetan documents, cataloging woodenslips preserved in the British Library, and deciphering the documents of theZhangzhung language. For 40 years, Tsugu has led Tibetan linguistics andphilology and taught many young scholars. He was also a board member of the InternationalAssociation for Tibetan Studies and had been the president of the Japanese Associationfor Tibetan Studies until last year.  Tsugu loved to play soccer in his studenthoodand liked to watch the football games of European leagues on TV after he startedto teach at universities. He has taught English, Japanese, Tibetan and generallinguistics at Kinki University, Kyoto University of Education and Kobe CityUniversity of Foreign Studies until 2017. He loved drinking beer and red winewith his colleagues and students after his work was finished every evening. He had been a man of joy and humor, whichattracted many surrounding people.  Tsugu had been suffered from esophagealcancer for two years, but his endeavor to explore the new findings had beensurvived until the last minute. His last work on the historical development ofthe Tibetan language has just been published in both Japanese and English,which will be distributed so soon.  Tsugu leaves behind his wife Sachiko and theirdaughter Kaho. He will be missed by many colleagues, students and friends. If you have some farewell words for Prof.Takeuchi, please send me by email.I will forward them to his lovely family.  with great sadness, Norihiko
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