[Tibeto-burman-linguistics] Question about some works regarding Tibetan grammar

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Wed Feb 3 07:46:42 UTC 2021

Dear all,

I am writing to enquire about some works on Tibetan grammar. I was
wondering if anyone may possess an electronic copy of the following works
that could be shared:

   - Tournadre, Nicholas. 2014. Arguments against 'Subject' and 'Direct
   Object' as viable concepts in Tibetan: Revisiting the syntactic categories
   suitable for Classical Tibetan as well as modern Tibetic languages. Paper
   presented at the 20th Himalayan Symposium, NTU, Singapore 16-18 July.
   - Hoshi, Michiyo 星 実千代. 1988. 『現代チベット語文法(ラサ方言)』. Gendai Chibetto-go
   bunpō (Rasahōgen). 東京:ユネスコ東アジア文化研究センター Yunesuko Higashi Ajia Bunka Kenkyū
   Sentā. (This was mentioned on Wikibooks' Tibetan bibliography and in the
   introduction to Hoshi Izumi's verb dictionary, but I could not find this on
   inter-library loan.)

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could share these works. Sorry for
bothering the list, and thank you very much in advance.

Yours faithfully,
Ryan Ka Yau Lai
Grad student
University of California, Santa Barbara
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