[Tibeto-burman-linguistics] Valence increase in verb-final isolating lgs?

Mark Post mark.post at sydney.edu.au
Thu Feb 4 03:35:57 UTC 2021

Hi folks,

Can anybody help me identify a paper or section of a larger work which deals with valence increase - ideally other than just causatives, i.e. including benefactives and/or comitatives, etc. - in a more-or-less verb-final and morphologically isolating language, and which specifically deals with the grammar of the resulting clause-argument structures? So, for example things like Lahu

(1)           ḡa        qɔ̀ʔ       chî       tɔ̂ʔ       pî

must    again   lift       out       (benef.)

            ‘must lift it out again for (someone)’ (Matisoff 1969: 117)

…in which pî - I guess - might be adding a second object?

I’m obviously aware of Randy’s paper in the Changing Valency volume and David’s work on Kuki-Chin & applicatives more generally, but am wondering if there’s anything on an even more Sinospheric/MSEA-area language, such as, well, Lahu. And not verb-medial, so not Thai, Sinitic, Karen, etc.

Many thanks in advance, any/all assistance will be acknowledged!

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