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Khatso (Tibeto-Burman/Ngwi) has an applicative construction in which the verb kɯ31 ‘to give’ is placed after the matrix verb and the new third argument is interpreted as recipient/beneficiary/indirect causee depending on semantics/pragmatics. The new argument X is placed between the agent and patient (AXPV kɯ31), which mirrors the basic word order of lexical ditransitives. There are also 2 additional causative constructions that pattern differently.

I've attached the relevant chapter from my grammar on Khatso. Let me know if you have any other questions.
Chris DonlaySan Jose State University
PS: My Khatso grammar has just come out in paperback... not to early to stock up on summer beach reading!

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Today's Topics:

  1. Valence increase in verb-final    isolating lgs? (Mark Post)


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Subject: [Tibeto-burman-linguistics] Valence increase in verb-final
    isolating lgs?
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Hi folks,

Can anybody help me identify a paper or section of a larger work which deals with valence increase - ideally other than just causatives, i.e. including benefactives and/or comitatives, etc. - in a more-or-less verb-final and morphologically isolating language, and which specifically deals with the grammar of the resulting clause-argument structures? So, for example things like Lahu

(1)          ḡa        qɔ̀ʔ      chî      tɔ̂ʔ      pî

must    again  lift      out      (benef.)

            ‘must lift it out again for (someone)’ (Matisoff 1969: 117)

…in which pî - I guess - might be adding a second object?

I’m obviously aware of Randy’s paper in the Changing Valency volume and David’s work on Kuki-Chin & applicatives more generally, but am wondering if there’s anything on an even more Sinospheric/MSEA-area language, such as, well, Lahu. And not verb-medial, so not Thai, Sinitic, Karen, etc.

Many thanks in advance, any/all assistance will be acknowledged!

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