[Tibeto-burman-linguistics] Workshop on Ego-Evidentiality and the right(s) to know (better)

B. Zeisler zeis at uni-tuebingen.de
Wed Apr 3 17:27:18 UTC 2024

Date: April 25-26, 2024
Place: Tübingen, Germany, Wilhelmstr. 21, Room B004

Meeting description:

Evidentiality is commonly described as the marking of /source/ of 
information (firsthand vs. non-firsthand) or also as the discrimination 
between direct knowledge through sense perception, on the one hand, and 
indirect knowledge, namely hearsay /and/ inference, on the other.

The modern Tibetic languages are known to have developed quite a 
particular type of ‘evidential’ marking. One of the key features is the 
subjective involvement of the epistemic /origo/ (the speaker in 
statements and the addressee in questions plus the original speaker in 
reported speech) in the events reported. The ‘system’ is thus also known 
under the key terms of ‘egophoricity’ and ‘conjunct/disjunct’, both 
concepts often mistaken for a somewhat weird syntactic person category 
(ego vs. non-ego).

However, the ‘system’ is extremely flexible, allowing, in principle, 
most if not all forms for all persons, albeit in different frequencies 
and for different motivations. It further does not only deal with the 
source of information or the access channels (self-centred knowledge, 
perception, and inferences), but also or even predominantly with the 
subjective assessment of the situation and/or the socio-pragmatic 
situation. The pragmatic factors appear to be related to a speaker’s 
rights to treat a particular piece of knowledge as belonging to his or 
her ‘territory of information’, this also means that speaker-hearer 
(a)symmetries may play a crucial role.

The workshop aims at discussing the ‘unsystematic’ aspects of 
‘ego’-evidentiality or participatory knowledge marking.

Invited speakers: Ilana Mushin, Professor of Linguistics, Deputy Head of
School, Linguistics Major Convener, School of Languages and Cultures,
University of Queensland, Australia.
Nicolas Tournadre, Professor emeritus, Department of Linguistics and Aix-
Marseille University and CNRS, France.


*Thursday, 25.04.2024 – Tibetic languages**
09:30-10:00 Address of welcome and introduction
10:00-10:30 *Nicola Tournadre & Dickey Tsang Tsering Wangdue*
/The grammatical expressions of access to personal knowledge and 
personal experience. An illustration of the flexibility of the Tibetic 
evidential systems./
10:45-11:30 *Hiroyuki Suzuki*
/Towards shaping the egophoric category in Tibetic languages: 
Suggestions from the factual evidential expression emerging in Japanese/
11:30-12:15 *Rtamgrin Lhamo*
/Egophoricity of Minyag//
/lunch break
14:15-15:00 *Wang Jiahong*
/Distribution of egophoricity in Golog: An investigation of flexibility 
and inflexibility//
/15:00-15:45 *Juha Yiliniemi*
/Flexibility of personal and neutral forms in Denjongke//
16:00-17:30 Discussion

*Friday, 26.04.2024 – Tibetic and beyond**
09:45-10:00 Introduction to the second part
10:00-10:30 *Ilana Mushin*
/Managing knowledge asymmetry in grammar and interaction//
10:45-11:30 *Henrik Bergqvist*
/Revisiting the origo: a view from the Andes/
11:30-12:15 *Christian Huber*
/Egophoricity, evidentiality and modality in Shumcho/ Humcho//
/lunch break
14:15-15:00 *Zoe Tribur, Sangsrgyas Tshering & Rtamdrin Lhamo*
/A preliminary account of “non-canonical” occurrences of epistemic 
markers in spontaneous speech data of Amdo Tibetan//
/15:00-15:45 *Bettina Zeisler*
/A paradigm of pragmatic flexibility: the case of the Ladakhi dialects//
16:00-17:30 Discussion

We warmly welcome guests. Please register with Bettina Zeisler before 
April 17. Registration is free of costs. For further questions, please 
contact Bettina Zeisler.
zeis at uni-tuebingen.de
DfG Projekt
Evidentialität, epistemische Modalität und Sprecherhaltung im 
Ladakischen - Modalität und die
Semantik-Pragmatik-Grammatik-Schnittstelle / Evidentiality, epistemic 
modality, and speaker
attitude in Ladakhi - Modality and the interface for semantics, 
pragmatics, and grammar

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