Golden Rule

Beverly Flanigan flanigan at OAK.CATS.OHIOU.EDU
Mon May 17 10:12:32 UTC 1999

At 11:33 AM 5/16/99 -0400, Barry Popik wrote:

>     I was going through 1927 for "fat cats," but I'll find that in the
>Baltimore Sun.
>     Many years ago, I did work on the origin of the "golden rule."  The
>American version is recorded in the New York Telegram, 5 December 1927, pg.
>10, col. 4:
>_Who Says Golden_
>_Rule is "Old_

>     GREED is its creed, and America is a nation of Get-Rich
>Quick-Wallingfords by the "do-others-before-they-do-you" method.
>     Mieder's AMERICAN PROVERBS has  (b) "Do it to him before he does it to
>you" and (c) "Do others before they do you" and (f) "Do unto others before
>they do you" on pg. 154.  I couldn't find it in the RHHDAS.

Another version we use here (with reference to who decides which dialect is
standard) is: "Those with the gold make the rules."  Surely this wasn't
made up by my colleague?  Has anybody else ever heard it?

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