Cancun drinks, Mass customization

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Thu Nov 11 23:37:23 UTC 1999


   "Mass customization" (of cars) is in today's Wall Street Journal, cited as a new buzz phrase.


   Greetings from Cancun.  I head home tomorrow.  There was no internet access at the archaeological sites of Tulum, Coba, Kabah, et al., nor did I run into any other teen singing sensations.
   The Ritz-Carlton was disappointing.  Here's the menu from its lobby lounge:

MARGARITAS--caribbean, peach, banana, strawberry, raspberry, mango, green, blue, golden, cadillas, Ritz-Carlton Margarita (Mandarine Napoleon).
COSMPOLITAN--Absolut vodka, canberry juice, cointreau
VODKATINI--Stolichnaya vodka, dry vermouth
GOLDEN--Wiborowa vodka, mandarine napoleon
DIRTY MARTINI--Tanqueray gin, dry vermouth, olive brine
GIMLET--Gordon's gin, Rose's lime juice, lemon juice
TEQUINI--Porfidio silver tequila, dry vermouth

   This is from El Bar Andal here at the Kukulcan Plaza:

CAFE BARANDAL--vanilla ice cream, Baileys, Drambuie, coffe liquor
CAFE KUKULCAN--Grand Marnier, coffee liquor, whipping cream
CAFE IRLANDES--whiskey, coffee liquor, whipping cream
CAFE ESPANOL--brandy, coffee liquor, whipping cream
CAFE MAYA--Xtabentum, coffee liquor, brandy, whipping cream
CAFE VANDERMINT--chocolate, mint, coffee liquor
CAFE ITALIANO--Amaretto, coffee liquor, whipping cream
CAFE CAIBENO--rum, coffee liquor, whipping cream
CAFE BARANDAL II--sambuca, coffee liquor, brandy, chocolate ice cream
BRAIN CHILLER--chocolate, coffee, milk frappe
REINA ISABEL--whisky, orange liquor, carnation, syrup and frozen
SEX ON THE BAR--granadine, green mint, pineapple, grapefruit, orange juice
AFRICA--Kalhua, sweet anise, tequila
CAMALEON--white rum, orange liquor, orange juice
MARIR SONANDO--orange juice, 43 liquor, carnation, cinnamon and frozen
BRASIL--vodka, Cointreau, lemon, orange juice, granadine
MEDIAS DE SEDA--gin, carnation, granadine, white cocoa, cinnamon and frozen

   No further info on the Pepito and Sofia sandwich names.
   There was a sunshower here.  I couldn't find any good sunshower or Mexico City fog names.
   As they say in Cancun:
   Auf wiedersehn!

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