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Mark: I've generally heard "bubble solution," and I believe that is what the
world's foremost authority on soap bubbles at the time I interviewed him,
Eiffel Plasterer of Markle, Ind., called it. Of course, dear, sweet Eiffel
was obsessed with soap bubbles, did bubbles shows, experimented with various
solutions to try to make bubbles last forever (some he kept in glass jars
for weeks and months), etc., so his reference might not have been the most
common one.
Sorry to say, Eiffel's mortal bubble burst a few years ago (sorry, I just
couldn't resist).

Jerry Miller

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> -- Mark A. Mandel said:
> What do you call the liquid that comes in a bottle the size of an adult's
> fist with a wand that has a ring on the end that holds a film of the stuff
> that you blow through, or sweep through the air, to produce a trail of
> soap
> bubbles? I called it "bubble stuff" when I was a kid, and a co-worker's
> use
> of the same name has got me wondering. That's not what it says on the
> bottles (AFAIK). So what do people call it, and where?
> The bottles said "Bubble Soap" when I was a kid in CT in the 50's. My
> grandson's here in SoCA cay "Bubble Solution" or "Magic
> Bubbles".
> storknurse

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