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At 11:24 AM -0500 1/8/01, AAllan at AOL.COM wrote:
>Memo for January 2002:
>Let's run b.s.n. candidates by Fred Shapiro before authorizing them for the
>ballot. - Allan Metcalf

Absolutely correct.  As the sponsor of "unconcede", I offer my mea
culpa.  I should have gone with "unconcession".  The nominating
message I sent to ads-l on 12/20 read
A column appearing in the on-line Modern Humorist immediately after
The Phone Call from Gore to Bush in the wee hours post-election is a
somewhat tongue-in-cheek re-creation of this Great Moment in American
Political History:

"On Second Thought:  Al Gore's Un-concession"

This column, posted on 11/8/00 or 11/9/00 at the latest, provides
what appears to be the first use of this word in print, and if
e-print doesn't count, the Times' Week in Review column last Sunday
(12/17/00) by Jenny Lyn Bader, "Finally, Nap Time in America", refers
to "Mr. Bush's snippy response during the 3:45 a.m. un-concession".
There are only a few other hits on "unconcession" or "un-concession"
on google.com or Nexis, if we eliminate the irrelevant ones involving
"U.N. concessions" or the French NP "un concession", and they all
refer to the Gore phone call.  So I nominate this word (preferably
without the hyphen, to promote its lexical legitimacy) for the
Brand-Spanking-New category in the WOTY vote.


When we held our nominations at the meeting, I somehow
(mis)remembered checking both "unconcession" and "unconcede", when
clearly I must have only checked the former.  If we can't  amend the
vote (as far as I know, "unconcession" really IS brand-spanking-new
as of 11/8/00, but we didn't really vote for it), we should
retroactively un-vote for it and delete the category from the press
release.  Sorry about that--my bad.

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