Tue Jan 9 00:38:54 UTC 2001

For Larry and others:

The problem of this year�s b.s.n. terms is troubling from one point of
view.  I simply did not do as much research as I should have.

A Nexis search produced the following profile:

                        2000    1999    1998    1997    1996    1995    1994    1993    1984

unconcede                 6                               2
unconceded              15        1               1               1               1
unconcession              1                                                               1

A detailed examination of OED shows:

unconceded  OED 1674

A look at "Making of America" shows:

To insist that the union was such as to destroy the separate existence
and unconceded rights of the constituent parts of the body, is to
maintain that the church is consolidated, and to establish a complete
spiritual despotism. That no such union really exists between the
several parts of the Presbyterian church is plain, because a member of
one presbytery or congregation does not become ipso facto a member of
every co-ordinate body.  �The General Assembly of 1835,� The Princeton
Review, July 1835, p 465

Clearly, this is more than consulting any individual.  It is a matter
of the principals doing their homework.  My undertaking was incomplete
to say the least.  Please accept my apologies for my failings in this

David Barnhart
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