kibbe or kibbeh or kibbi

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   Some more cites are:

In a book on cooking at this plain level, the absence of any mention of the meat and bulgur paste _kibbeh_, which is one of the foundations of Arab cookery from Egypt to Iraq, suggests that _kibbeh_ is an invention of more recent centuries.
--MEDIEVAL ARAB COOKERY (Prospect Books, 2001)

Sometimes it climbed to some mountain village where the wheat-and-meat dish called _kibbeh_ was freshly baked and the apricots juicy,
---NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE, December 1946, pg. 733, col. 2.

   The book RAYESS' ART OF LEBANESE COOKING (1966) by George N. Rayess was originally published as L'ART CULINAIRE (1950).  This is important for other items as well, such as "felafel" and "schwarma."

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