New word resources

Benjamin Barrett gogaku at IX.NETCOM.COM
Sat Sep 29 20:54:35 UTC 2001

Taking a hint from Barry Popik, I carried a notebook while in Hawaii
this past week. I found a couple of common words that I thought
might be useful to note (ogo and pupu/pupus are at the top of the
list), but I would like to check and make sure they aren't already
in dictionaries.

Where should I check, and can the check be done on the Internet from

I have found that I can access the OED by using my public library
card, but is that the most up-to-date source?

Also, are proper nouns of interest? I found a 1923 citation for
Menehunes, the plural form of Menehune. According to legend, they
are the people who preceded the Polynesians in settling the Hawaiian

Benjamin Barrett

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