Mole Poblano & Gaspacho & Empanada (1839)

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Sat Sep 29 22:58:10 UTC 2001

Coleccion de Recetas de Cosina y Reposteria, del Vso y propiedad del Combento(sic) de Senores Religiosas de N. Me. Pma de la Concepon Ano de 1839, 2 p.l., 150 p., 60 l. front, 4to.

   I went through this today in the Special Collections division of the NYPL.  It's handwritten in Spanish.  Mole Poblano is on Page 6, Gaspacho is on Page 25 and Page 33, Empanadas Adobados is on Page 112 and Empanaditas de (?) is on Page 114.
   OED has Gazpacho (1845), Mole (1890s?), and Empanada (1939).
   The book is in the "Whitney Cookery collection, ca. 1400-1895."  (See  Seventeen books were donated by Helen Hay Whitney (1875-1944).  I went through four others, but they were handwritten and difficult to read.  One manuscript on nineteenth century American cookery is a handwritten mess, of very uncertain dating.
   Most all of the other books are English cookery, from the 17th or 18th century.

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