Ooley Cow, Keep Your Shirt On (1918); Author! Author! (1916)

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by Charles E. Van Loan
George H. Doran Company, NY

   Charles Van Loan was an excellent writer of sports stories (usually baseball).  David Shulman went through most of his novels, but maybe not this one.
   Shulman said that he found a golf "mulligan" in 1940 and I was looking for that word, but "mulligan" is not here.

Pg. 29:  Holy jumping Jemima!
Pg. 34:  So all the eggs are in one basket.
Pg. 42:  Have a little sense.  Keep your shirt on.
Pg. 59:  Who's the boss here?  Who's the Big Finger?
Pg. 113:  Talk, talk, talk...
Pg. 124:  "The Major began the gab-fest," said Waddles.
Pg. 137:  Attaboy!
Pg. 179:  Shoo!  Scat!  Mush on!  Vamose!  Beat it! Hurry up!  _Wiki-wiki_!  Chop-chop!  _Schnell_!
Pg. 227:  Professional, your grandmother!
Pg. 285:  Why, say, I bet I can take one hand and outdrive you!  _One hand_!
  (RHHDAS has "Holy cow!" from 1934.  This chapter maybe is helpful, maybe not.  Is "Holy cow!" in Van Loan's baseball novels?--ed.)
Pg. 263:  The Ooley-cow was the easiest, softest picking that ever strayed from the home pasture.  With care and decent treatment he would have lasted a long time and yielded an enormous quantity if nourishment, but Uncle Billy and Old Man Sprott were too greedy.

by Clare Briggs
P. F. Volland & Co., Chicago

   "Mulligan" is not here, either, and it's not in THE DUFFER'S HANDBOOK OF GOLF (1926) by Grantland Rice and Clare Briggs.  (Clare Briggs was a longtime cartoonist on the New York Herald Tribune.)  "Mulligan" probably dates from the 1930s.
   This book is not paginated:

To the Scoffers, the Duffers, and the Golfers, this book is dedicated.

"Right in the Pazazas."

"I'm all dolled up."

The pictures are ours--Loud cries of "Author-Author."

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