River Names, 16th Cent

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> > Carl Jeffrey Weber:
> > "Chiogigua," clearly the name of a mighty mythical
> > river in the late 1500s
> > emptying into the North Sea. For a great shot, see:
> > (Click year 1593)
> > http://www2.biblinat.gouv.qc.ca/cargeo/accueil.htm
> .....
> According to the map you cite, Chiogigua clearly is a
> city or town on the Obilo River, which empties into
> what one might suppose to be the Northwest Passage.

The map I cite speaks a different language, in some respects,
according to what might be expected. The dots next to the names are
not to be thought of as marking cities, as expected on modern maps.
The names were ALSO often the names of the province, main town, chief,
river. The best instances of this can be found in the narratives of De
expedition, of several generations before these maps. The use of the names
the manner I suggest seems very evident. If you would like a few quotes from
Lawrence A. Clayton's _The DeSoto Narratives_ (1993), to better establish
I'll be happy to send them. The dots are graphically more related to

"Chiogigua" and "Obilo" are Latinate for what? Are French "chuca" and
 "chiaca" equivalents from Latin "cadere"? And"casqui"?

You can find early maps conveniently at
http://www2.biblinat.gouv.qc.ca/cargeo/accueil and

<"which empties into
< what one might suppose to be the Northwest Passage."

Why suppose? I'm sure it had various names depending on the
European Language. In English it's also the North Sea (which takes
one to China). These were the pre-Hudson Bay generations, and was
 before 1600.

(Anyone want the current state of my five page chart? It traces the
geographical names I am interested in, regarding regions of the  St.
Laurence, Great Lakes, Mississippi, and Northern Gulf. I have listed across
this chart names from a few dozen maps, most of which there are URLs for,
and most of which have excellent images. )

Carl Jeffrey Weber
Café Nouvelle France
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