"Make no little plans"

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Sun May 5 02:41:50 UTC 2002

   Another NYT error:  It's Daniel Hudson BURNHAM, not BURHAM.  I have told this to the New York Times.  But again, this involves a dead person.  You can spell his name any way you want, or write that he said or did anything without fear of being sued.  So why issue a correction if it's wrong?
   From FAMILIAR QUOTATIONS by John Bartlett, 16th edition, pg. 555, col. 1:

   _Daniel Hudson Burnham_
   Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men's blood.   _Attributed_*

*This quotation is now doubted.  See HENRY M. SAYLOR, "'Make No Little Plans': Daniel Burnham Thought It but Did He Say It?," _Journal of the American Institute of Architects_, 27 (1957): 3.

(Watch your NEW YORK TIMES corrections box, page two, for the next four days--ed.)

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