The Whole Shebang (1870); Great Scott! (1867)

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   The latest DARE has "Note: The expression _the whole shebang_ is 
widespread and is not treated here."  "Shebang" is given from 1862.
   I was going through some online databases and found this in Indiana 
University's WRIGHT AMERICAN FICTION, 1851-1875:
Title:  Sea Drift (1870)    
Author: Reeves, Marian Calhoun Legaré.  
Availability:   <A HREF="">© 2002 The Trustees of Indiana University.</A>  
Print Source:   Sea drift
Reeves, Marian Calhoun Legaré.
Philadelphia : Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger, 1870.    
Extent: x, 205 p.
Pages with Hits
<A HREF=";cc=wright2;sid=fa3b54eeb00328cce9f0a61a4327f523;q1=whole%20shebang;idno=Wright2-2009;view=image;seq=0032">Page 64-65</A> 1 match of "whole shebang"
Pg. 64:  But it floated bravely--bravely enough, as Evan, coming back for 
Luti, assured her, "to take the whole shebang at once, only Morgan refused to let 
the trial be made."
   Also found in WRIGHT AMERICAN FICTION, 1851-1875.
Title:  Miss Ravenel's Conversion From Secession to Loyalty (1867)  
Author: De Forest, John William, (1826-1906)    
Availability:   <A HREF="">© 2001 The Trustees of Indiana University.</A>  
Print Source:   Miss Ravenel's conversion from secession to loyalty
De Forest, John William,
New York : Harper & Brothers, 1867. 
Extent: 521 p.
Pages with Hits
<A HREF=";cc=wright2;sid=c8793e3c3ce7ec90af700acc36797262;q1=great%20scott;idno=Wright2-0709;view=image;seq=0020">Page 38-39</A> 1 match of "great scott"
<A HREF=";cc=wright2;sid=c8793e3c3ce7ec90af700acc36797262;q1=great%20scott;idno=Wright2-0709;view=image;seq=0021">Page 40-41</A> 1 match of "great scott"
Pg. 38:  I follow General Scott.  No Virginian need be ashamed to follow old 
Fuss and Feathers.  We used to swear by him in the army.  Great Scott! the 
fellows said.

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